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It’s natural to have a number of questions about your case or any cosmetic surgery procedures. Below are the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions. However, remember that your physician is best to able to answer questions and elaborate based on his or her evaluation of your case in the context of your needs.

Is there anything I need to avoid before any surgery?

We always advise that you stop medications or supplements that will thin your blood or make you prone to bleeding and bruising. These include aspirin, clopidogrel (*Flavix), herbal preparations (teas, diet drinks etc), slimming supplements, pure Vitamin E. Medicines that control your blood pressure need not be stopped. In fact, we expect that you continue them to make sure that your BP is at or below 150/90. Other things you need to avoid are smoking and alcohol intake.

Do I need any laboratory exams before surgery?

Minor surgeries like face surgeries usually do not require any lab work, unless you have existing illnesses that will require us to sedate you for the procedures.

Major surgeries (liposuction, tummy tuck, lipectomy, breast) will require lab exams:

  1. Blood tests- Complete Blood Count, Bleeding Parameters (CT, BT, PT), Liver Function Tests (SGPT), Kidney tests (Creatinine), Fasting Blood Sugar,
  2. 12 Lead ECG,
  3. Chest XRay
  4. Urine exam.
  5. For Breast Surgeries, we also advise a baseline Mammogram if you are 40 years old and above or a Breast Ultrasound if you are below 40.

Is there anything I need to bring for surgery?

  • For Eye surgeries: we advise that you bring your favorite sunglasses.
  • For Lipo of the Chin and Jowls, we recommend that you bring a scarf or a bandana to conceal the elastic bandage that will be around your head immediately post-op
  • For Breast Augmentation- your sports bra.
  • For a Tummy Tuck and abdominal liposuction- bring an abdominal binder or an abdominal girdle. The girdle should cover from above the navel all the way down to the mid thighs. Ideally with a button-latch opening at the crotch.

*The clinic can provide all of these if you cannot bring them yourselves.

Am I allowed to eat after surgery?

For face surgeries, especially if you were done under local anesthesia, you may eat anything right after as long as you stay away from hot and/or spicy foods for a week. If you just had lipo of your chin or jowls, your mouth may be a bit numb, making it hard for you to chew or pucker your lips. In that case, you may eat soft foods and shift to more solid foods as you begin to tolerate them.

If you’ve been sedated, You may begin to eat once you’re fully awake.

Is there anything I need to avoid after surgery?


  • 1st two weeks – no physical activity that might increase your heart rate
  • 4th week- ok for 30 min walks and golf
  • 6th-8th week- may return to gym, yoga, dance
  • 3rd month- ok for contact sports and swimming


  • First 4 weeks- no physical activity that might increase your heart rate
  • 2nd month- ok for 30 min walks and golf
  • 3rd month- may return to gym, yoga, dance
  • 5th month- ok for contact sports and swimming

When do I get to see the results?


  • First 5 days – Obvious swelling
  • 2 weeks- ok to have coffee with friends and look “normal”.
  • 1 month- good results
  • 2 months- great results
  • 6 months- best results


  • Results immediately discernable even with swelling
  • 4 weeks- nice results
  • 3 months- great results
  • 8 months – best results